Why Laminate Floors

One specialty of Overland Park Flooring Company is Laminate Floor installations. Let us just discuss some advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring for your guidance. 

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Laminate flooring has changed in recent years, with the new technology that emerges, this flooring became the most coveted or most chosen option for flooring because of the wide range of color and texture. Laminate floors are durable, inexpensive, stylish, and of prime quality.

Laminate Flooring PROS

Easy installation. It can be easily installed if you are more of the do-it-yourself individual you can install the laminate flooring with the step-by-step guideline. But if you are not someone too familiar with handling any simple tools, best to have us do the job professionally. We will make sure that you will get your money’s worth. 
Low maintenance. Since laminate flooring is resistant to moisture it can last for lengthy periods. It can easily be cleaned with the right cleaning solution once in a while to keep it looking elegant. 
Best for a household with pets. It is ideal for pets because of its long-lasting and tough features. 
Affordable. It is known to be durable, trendy, and affordable compared to wood flooring. 
Moisture as well as water-resistant. It can resist some moisture and water splashes, you need to clean it with the cleaning solution that is specifically intended for laminate floorings. Laminate flooring has protection against minor water splash because of its melamine wear layer. 
The beauty of hardwood or tile. They make it to have the beauty and value of hardwood, but more enduring and easy to install. 

What Overland Park Floor Company can do for you is to give you the best option for laminate floors as we know there are different designs available for you to choose from, we will assist you along the way to come up with the best design that will complement your home.
There are unique designs with such a photorealistic image of wood or stone that can easily rest with any home design. It is also easy for you to choose what color will best fit your home. You can always choose dark hardwood floor color imitation, neutrals, recycled materials, high gloss laminate, and other options such as high-end designs which you can also request according to your preference. 

And because we only care about our customer’s satisfaction and contentment, we will further enlighten you with new laminate floor styles such as the Dark-colored laminate flooring (wood-like) which includes the Acacia style laminate floor, Brazillian cherry style, cherry laminate, Eucalyptus style laminate, Hickory, Mahogany style, Teak. Some samples of Light-colored laminate flooring are Beech style laminate, Birch style, Pecan, and Pine style.

There is also laminate flooring that looks like plastic but still very impressive when installed in any home. Though not as frequently picked for laminate flooring its versatility can be a good addition also with a wide range of designs to choose from. There are just areas in your home that this should be installed. 

Laminate flooring that looks like a stone that replicates the exact look of stone. The colors are rich, textures are unique, the indentations, depth, and variation are also present in this laminate flooring. 

Tile design of laminate flooring with the measurement as preferred by the customer, or any measurements requested by customers to fit their home design. 

There is also laminate flooring according to texture with options such as smooth, embossed, and hand-scraped. 

Laminate floors based on patterns. Where there are Herringbone patterns and chevron patterns, traditional floorboards planks, wide-plank floorboards, and thin strip flooring.

After we assist you with the laminate product you wish to install in your home, we will help you with the installation process. 

Some factors to discuss would be:

  • Size of the area where you wish to install the laminate flooring.
  • The final laminate flooring material and style you wish to install.
  • If there are any replacements or repairs needed for your sub-flooring.
  • Trim work needed for the borders where you want the laminate floor installed.
  • The number of professional installers required. Will depend on the size of the area of installation.

Also, you need not worry about the brands you will pick with laminate floorings because we will help you choose the best brand there is, as we only carry brands that are durable and made by reputable flooring companies. These brands are considered top-quality and have a high-performance rating. 

We at Overland Park Flooring Company is the best with what we do, with years of experience in handling every flooring needs of our clients we aspire to make every installation as perfect as possible to ensure that our customers will only have fulfillment after the project. 

We have the best professional floor installers that are experienced in what they do and are trained up to a standard to ensure that they will only give you the best service with every flooring project.

Overland Park Flooring Company is very professional and will support you every step of the way. Impressive work will always be our strongest point and we constantly believe in giving you value for your money, that is why we value high-quality work every time. 

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