What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl is an attractive, popular flooring option for most rooms of your house. 

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Whether it’s a cooking area or a bathroom, vinyl enhances the area elegantly. With a luxurious look, vinyl lets you cherish the floor of your dreams. What makes vinyl so special is the fact that it could replicate hardwood and tile floors.

Benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

Since vinyl has the ability to replicate many flooring options, it encompasses a series of perks in a bundled form. Folks who prefer luxury along with versatility savor the varied advantages of this innovative flooring. The following are the popular benefits of vinyl floors.


Overland Park Flooring Company makes luxury vinyl floors using the most sophisticated technology. This, in turn, renders a more natural feeling to the surface area. The patterns and the texture look so natural that even trained professionals could face difficulties in differentiating vinyl’s natural look from nature.

As such, you get a chance to have a desired kind of floor that aligns with nature. Besides this, you enjoy aesthetics on all points. Whether you prefer a conventional theme or a modern decor, vinyl lets you fulfill your desires. All it takes is a little bit of time and attention on your part to pick the right flooring.


Back then, wood – an Eco-friendly option – was the favored choice of many homeowners. Even the structures were made from wood. However, the time has changed the preferences of people. Today, wood has limited usage in most homes.

Very few people opt for wood because wooden floors get damaged due to heat and water. Many people prefer concrete and plastic floors. However, these options have harmful effects on the environment. Even the production processes of plastic or concrete floors cause substantial harm to the atmosphere.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is environmental-friendly. From production to usage, luxury vinyl flooring poses no threat to your surroundings. By using vinyl, you demonstrate your accountability as an Eco-conscious individual while savoring the varied perks of this innovative floor.


Modern processing techniques make plastic highly versatile. Plastic floors look visually appealing too. However, they’re susceptible to numerous elements. First of all, plastic catches fire quickly. If the climate is hot, your floor could trigger a fire outbreak, bringing about a major financial disaster.

Wood, on the other hand, loses its sheen and shine during harsh weather conditions. Also, wood gets scratches easily. Vinyl floors from Overland Park Flooring Company, on the flip side, offer resistance to fire and scratches. Plus, they’re slip-resistant. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about safety issues after installing the floor.


Nobody wishes to change the floor of their place every now and then. While most flooring options are durable, they’re vulnerable to particular elements. For instance, wood gets damaged by water. On the other hand, concrete floors are durable but get scratches quickly.

Carpet floors lose longevity due to in-depth and prolonged cleaning processes. Luxury vinyl flooring, however, is highly durable. It can stand to all possible conditions. Whether it’s climate, time, or other elements, vinyl can resist all possible situations. Once installed, you can easily enjoy its services for years.


Price is probably the most important parameter when buying a floor. You may want to buy particular flooring, but a high price could keep you from making your choice. A slim budget may lead you to a substandard or a less pleasing choice. As a shopper, you may want to pick the best floor without burning your wallet.

So, how do you resolve this problem? Your best option should be vinyl floors from Overland Park Flooring Company. The company offers luxury vinyl floors to suit the budget of all types of shoppers. Just surf through their wide variety and you may find a suitable option matching your specifics on a budget.

Ease of maintenance

Any floor gets regular bumps in due course of usage. To keep the floor in proper condition, you’ve to carry out regular maintenance. If you miss out on maintenance tasks, the quality and durability of the floor could get jeopardized. As a smart homeowner, you may want to keep such situations at bay.

Luxury vinyl flooring comes as a boon to homeowners. They warrant minimal care and upkeep. Also, you don’t need to invest too much money to maintain the floor. A simple cleaning solution and weekly maintenance could retain the sheen and longevity of the flooring.

Why buy vinyl floors from Overland Park Flooring Company?

At this point, you might have decided to make a purchase. However, don’t be in a hurry. If you do that, you’ll repent later. Why? Most vendors offer duplicate floors. Also, some suppliers charge too much for quality. It’s advised to stay clear of such vendors. You need a supplier that’s highly applauded for quality and affordability.

Overland Park Flooring Company is a well-known name in the flooring industry. All the products are well tested before offered to the public. Plus, you get access to a wider range of floors. Even better, you enjoy warranties on luxury vinyl flooring. That gives you peace of mind knowing that early major issues will be addressed free of cost.

Concluding words

Luxury vinyl flooring lets you transform your simple floor elegantly. All you should do is turn to a respected supplier such as Overland Park Flooring Company. Without shelling out too much, you can pick a vinyl floor that aligns with your preferences. Just give us a chance and we assure you of the best product and service.

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