What is tile Flooring?

Most people think about tiles mounted on bathroom walls when they hear about tile floors. However, the tiling used in bathroom walls is quite different than the ones used on floors. 

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Although the basic items are tiles, they vary in many terms. Let’s figure out what makes tile floors better than others.

Why buy tile flooring?

When choosing new flooring for your home or office, you’ve many options to consider. Slate, hardwood, or carpet floors are all great options. Plus, they can suit any home decor. Then what’s the point in buying tile floors? Well, tiling is a much better option for many reasons. Here are the popular perks of using tiles in any setup.

Curb appeal

Tile floors from Overland Park Flooring Company are visually more appealing than any other option. Why? First of all, tiles reflect most of the light that hits the surface. By doing so, they illuminate the overall area elegantly. Other options also render beauty to the floor, but they don’t reflect light like tiles.

You may have to employ more lights to light up the whole area. Tile flooring, on the other side, transforms a simple place even in dim light. It’s the better curb appeal that differentiates tiles from slate or hardwood.

Tiles work in most areas

Tiling works much better than any other option in bathrooms and cooking areas. They’re the easiest flooring materials to maintain. In addition to this, tiles offered by Overland Park Flooring Company are highly versatile. They could match a wide range of interior designs.

Whether you’re a traditional interior or contemporary theme, tile flooring goes well with any decor. You can install tiles in your bedroom or for beautiful appliances such as a back-splash. Due to the availability of so many tiling varieties, you could be as creative or simple as you like.

Ease of cleaning

Some homeowners go for carpet floors. However, carpets accumulate too much debris and dirt. If you wish to keep the home looking pristine, you should clean the carpet properly. As well as eating plenty of time, carpet cleaning could dent your budget. Cleaning tile flooring, on the other hand, is pretty simple. While tiles need constant cleaning, the process is effortless.

It’s less time-consuming and much easier to wipe out dirt and debris from tiles compared to other floors. Spot cleaning and sweeping should serve the purpose. For that, you don’t have to put in too much effort. Depending on the traffic in your area, you can retain the sheen and shine of your floor through weekly mopping and sweeping.

Keep your place cool

Some people choose hardwood or carpets. However, both options heat your floor. This is more so during the summer season. You may be reluctant to lie down on your flooring on a hot day. The scene is different with tile floors.

Tiles have cooling properties. They cool down your floor even on a hot day. There’s nothing more enjoyable than the coolness of tile flooring on a sunny day to get refreshed. In addition to soothing your body, tiles reduce your AC’s workload. This, in turn, brings down your energy bills during the summer months.


When it boils down to choosing a tile design, you’ve multiple options. This isn’t an option with other floors. Although other types of floors offer a variety regarding the shapes and sizes, they limit you in terms of designs and flexibility. You might be compelled to choose a less pleasing design.

With tile flooring, you get to pick the exact color, size, and style that will work well for your place. Even if you think outside the box, the experts at Overland Park Flooring Company will help you with customized options matching your needs.


Any floor receives traffic and sustains bumps and bruises from time to time. Consequently, the flooring will wear out with time. The situation could be worse if you don’t look after the floor properly. You may need a quick replacement and that could affect your budget.

Tiles are perfect for areas that get a ton of traffic. As far as staining and wear are concerned, tile flooring is resilient. Tiles can withstand traffic, dirt, debris, and other elements without wearing out soon. With little care and maintenance, you can keep the floor in good condition.

Why buy tile floors from Overland Park Flooring Company?

You can order tile flooring from many outlets today. However, most vendors charge too much on their products. Then some suppliers offer substandard products. You’ll simply waste your money and time. You need a vendor that’s highly acclaimed for offering top-class tile floors

It’s here Overland Park Flooring Company outsmarts others. So, what makes the company unique? Firstly, the company offers a wider range of tile floors. Whether you want a common design or a customized option, the professionals at the company will let you accomplish your desires. Plus, you enjoy quality and originality on all points. Even better, you enjoy a warranty on their products. You actually invest your money in quality, durability, trust, and originality.

Bottom line

Tile flooring plays an important part in any home or office. In addition to being functional, they render elegance to your place. Above all, they last longer without needing much care and attention. All it takes is the choice of the right vendor such as Overland Park Flooring Company. With a respected supplier by your side, you can pick tile floors with minimum hassles on a budget. So don’t wait! Call us right away and we’ll take care of your preferences and needs.

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